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Tree Services

Tree Pruning

Trees are wonderful assets to our environment. They clean our air, cool our landscapes, provide habitat for birds and wildlife and can substantially increase property values. Properly pruned and maintained trees, especially when they are young can help eliminate a host of problems in the future. Our pruning includes the removal of dead wood, crossing limbs, co-dominant stems and diseased wood. Pruning may also include elevation of limbs, clearance for buildings and walkways, thinning or selective crown reduction. All pruning is done by trained arborist in compliance with industry standards. Give us a call and we will be happy to meet and discuss your needs.  Request your free quote now!



Tree Pruning

Emergency Tree Removal

Unfortunately there are times when a tree has to be removed. A dead or dying tree can quickly become a safety hazard to people and property. For over 35 years, Alpine Tree Experts has been removing trees with the safety of our crew, clients and property as our top priority. Whether a tree removal requires extensive rigging or the use of our crane, we have the knowledge, training and equipment to properly get the job done.   Request your free quote now!


tree removal experts

Emergency Storm Service

Alpine Tree Experts provides 24 hr emergency storm service and tree removal. In the event that you are suddenly confronted with a serious tree problem, give us a call and we will respond as quickly as safety allows. Whether it’s a tree on a home or building, a tree that is uprooting, or trees and limbs that are blocking roads or driveways, we have seen and done it all. We understand the importance of responding quickly to prevent further damage.  Request your free quote now!


Emergency Storm Service

Stump Grinding

Let us remove those unwanted, unsightly, or hard to mow around stumps. Whether it’s for aesthetics or safety, our equipment gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

Stumps are typically ground to a depth of  6″-8″ below grade with the stump chips left on site. If you do not want the chips, arrangements can be made for us to haul them away. We can also grind deeper and wider if replanting another tree in the same spot is required.   Request your free quote now!


Stump Grinding

Tree Cabling

Cabling a tree can be an effective way to add support to trees with structural problems. Trees sometimes grow with multiple or “co-dominant” stems which can result in weak crotches and limb failure. Cables properly installed in the tree’s canopy can reduce the risk of failure and add support during high winds, storms, or heavy snow and ice.   Request your free quote now!


tree cabling

Lot Clearing

Whether your building a new home, clearing a commercial site, or just want to reclaim overgrown areas, we can help. Alpine has the equipment and experience to do the job. One of the benefits to using an Alpine arborist is that “we know trees”. Besides the actual clearing, we can help in determining which trees you might want to keep and which ones should go. We can also provide a protection plan for the remaining trees during construction.   Request your free quote now!

alpine tree removal

Crane Service

alpine tree removal crane